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Alexei Borisov and Anton Mobin - Q [zero159]

Alexei Borisov and Anton Mobin met in Paris in 2009 with their duets (Astma & Crash Duo) and have been working together since that first concert, published on H.A.K. Lo-Fi Record. At each passage of Alexei in Paris, collaborations start again and take different forms: common organization of concert, live sessions broadcasted on Radio Libertaire or on the webradio KKWNE, also the trio project with Olga Nosova, as evidenced the album “Manifeste des 22” recorded live in Trashvortex and published by the Italian label Lonktaar.

In March 2013, Alexei Borisov and Anton Mobin decided to join their forces and ideas in studio and record “Try To Crawl Out Of It” , their first opus operated in duo published in early 2014 on the Polish label Mathka.

“Q” released by Zeromoon is the first live performance played in duo between Alexei Borisov and Anton Mobin. Other studio collaborations are underway as a promising recording session with Julie Rousse, Olivier Di Placido, Aka_Bondage, Ayato and Michel Kristof recorded in Paris last summer 2013.

Performed at “Q#2014” on 11th February, 2014 at Instants Chavirés, Montreuil (France).

Alexei Borisov (ru) : electronics, radio, buddha machines, voice
Anton Mobin (fr) : cassettes, axololt, quAD

Recorded and mastered by Benjamin Pagier.
Filmed by Oleg Kornev
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


Nothing Small About Microcassettes

When I finally got around to recording my contribution to Hal’s micro cassette series, I thought I just improvise two sides using different approaches. Since my Radio Shack Optimus has one of those ultra small mic inputs, I couldn’t record using the line in. So its an open air recording using the built in mic. Side one is electronics pumping out through a mini marshall. Side two is prepared acoustic autoharp using various objects. Tip of the hat to Acts of Silence for the plug.

TL0741 - Before Waking [zero144]

Textured exploratory electronic noise drone recorded in rehearsal and performance from May 2011 to November 2012 in and near D(eathstar) C(entral), USA. When cockroaches and machines have inherited the Earth, TL0741 will be their ecstatic leisure-time, birthing chamber and nursery music of choice. Fourth dispatch from TL0741 and the first delivered online.

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Live performance at Pyramid Atlantic on 1/26/2013. Snare drum and analog synthesizer.

Head of Zeromoon discusses Zeromoon

Listen to our adventures every monday on from 7 - 9 pm ((CEsT / GMT+1)).

A special guest per session/interviews in the wild Berlin landscape// terrible and delicious music and sounds////live sessions, and juicy turntable tunes.

Live set by J. Surak and long discussion recorded January 7, 2013

Berlin World Tour January 2013

January 4 - NK - Expanded Cinema/Live Soundtracks
Expanded Cinema:
Chloe Griffin, Michael Busch
Guillaume Cailleau + Jan Slak
Live Soundtrack
Christopher Becks + Axel Dörner
Doireann O’Malley + Okkyung Lee
Sylvia Schedelbauer + Jeff Surak
Paul Clipson + Aidan Baker
Elsenstr. 52/
2.Hinterhaus Etage 2 
12059 Berlin Neukölln

January 5 - Madame Claude - mit Tongue Incident, DJ Richard Steel

January 7 - DIY Church - radio show

January 8 - Sucked Orange - mit CoCo Happytapes

January 9 - Arsenal - Sylvia Schedelbauer retrospective, live version of Sea of Vapors

January 10 - West Germany - mit
jeff surak
martin howse (10-15min)
mario de vega (10-15min)
yannik frank
martin kuentz (10min)
marta zapparoli (10min)
scott sinclair (10-15min)

January 12 - Liebig12 - Girls on Tape
Liebigstrasse 12 / 10247 berlin
U5 / M10 / M21 frankfurtertor

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